IT Financial Management/Technology Business Management in the state & local arena requires some special handling. Not only is the output visible outside of OIT, but there are also real political and funding impacts that need to be taken into consideration. 

Foundational Processes

Enable your customers to order, consume, and pay for the IT service that empowers their communities to thrive and grow.

Managing these 4 key process steps will enable not only a chargeback model but also SWCAP management and invoicing as part of your ITFM/TBM capability.

Calculate Break Even Rates for All Services

Tackling the direct and indirect service costs in a way that drives transparency into rate formulation 

Adjust Rates for Cash Impacts & Rate Approval

Capturing recommended rates, approved rates, and signoff governance inside a single platform, not in email or Excel 

Invoice for Usage Timely

Generating and submitting invoices to customers in minutes, not hours or days

Analyze Actual Expense and Consumption

Understanding service capacity and customer utilization so gain/loss for the upcoming years can be estimated