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What is the ServiceNow Store?

August 12, 2021 | 2 minute read
Proven Optics

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Proven Optics

The ServiceNow Store is a marketplace for both free and paid certified applications and integrations developed on the NOW platform. These applications enable IT, business units, and shared services across the enterprise. In addition to applications and integrations on the store, you can also view ServiceNow products (including new and updated features from ServiceNow), an innovation lab, and events. 

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If you’re actively looking for a solution to help automate and modernize your financial management workflows, check out an overview of our Built on Now Proven Optics Financial Management Suite on the ServiceNow Store here.

For a more in depth look into each of our applications on the store, visit the links below.

Proven Optics Federal Benchmarking

Proven Optics Invoicing

Proven Optics Public Sector Budget Formulation & Execution

Proven Optics Public Sector TBM Cost Model

Proven Optics Enterprise Budget & Forecast

Proven Optics IT Financial Management Cost Modeling

Built on Now isn’t just a technical distinction, it’s a time-to-value distinction. Our applications are natively deployed into a customer’s ServiceNow environment just like any other ServiceNow product (like IT Service Management). This allows us to leverage the low code / no code approach to extend our applications and ServiceNow native features and functions to meet client use cases. Built on Now applications can also leverage native ServiceNow platform functionality, like it’s robust access control rules, platform security, and workflow engine. For more information or to schedule a demo with our team, connect with us today!