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Bring Your IT Financials and Operational Data Together on One Platform

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Create a one-stop shop for your IT financials that solves all the integration, version control, and export headaches created by spreadsheets and point solutions.


Proven Optics applications are an extension of the Now Platform – wholly contained in your instance, with all the flexibility, access, and security capabilities you expect from ServiceNow.


Tap into the most approachable ITFM solutions on the market with applications that can be extended without any code and maintained by any ServiceNow developer.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Why does my organization need IT Financial Management?

IT Financial Management (ITFM) is critical because the business expects value from its technology investments. ITFM practiced correctly enables organizations to determine technology costs, align those costs, and articulate IT value. 

Do I have enough data or resources to get started with ITFM?

Our most common answer is yes! While every situation is different, we designed our applications to provide an intuitive user interface that any ServiceNow platform team can operate out of the box, using the data they have available today.

What if my organization has specific cost modeling or data requirements?

Our ITFM applications can be easily tailored to meet specific needs. Clients can use their preferred cost model (e.g., TBM, ITIL, Educause, Custom) or request custom configuration during the implementation process. We are also FedRAMP compliant.

Do I need to own specific ServiceNow modules to run Proven Optics?

No. Our applications stand independently, like all ServiceNow modules, and do not require other ServiceNow modules to work. We can readily import data from any system you currently use.

Is Proven Optics part of ServiceNow?

We are a leading ISV partner of ServiceNow. As an investor, ServiceNow also holds a seat on our board of directors. Our applications are built using ServiceNow’s Domain-Specific Language and act as an extension of the platform.

How does pricing work?

Proven Optics charges a flat annual licensing fee for each of its applications. We also provide implementation, operations, customer success, and training services at additional cost.

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