Public Sector TBM Cost Modeling

The Proven Optics TBM Cost Modeling Application incorporates the TBM framework with our proven, practitioner-based approach to deliver a prescriptive Public Sector solution for Technology Business Management. The App utilizes the native ServiceNow platform by integrating with the Financial Modeling Engine. Federal Civilian agencies can align costs to IT Towers, Sub-Towers, and Services in order to report IT spend to OMB to meet the TBM mandate. 

TBM is the framework for driving IT value, financial transparency, and IT modernization. IT leaders need a methodology to communicate what the agencies are consuming, what it costs, and why? Understanding where you can re-appropriate and re-program IT budgeting dollars is a valuable tool to accomplish agency missions. Enabling TBM practices not only helps manage IT, but facilitates building a trusting relationship with consuming agencies. 

Proven Optics understands TBM, having implemented solutions for over 100+ organizations. We know the typical pitfalls agencies experience when standing up a TBM practice. The Proven Optics difference is our recognized best in class Decision Model approach to deliver key insights and transparency that drive business outcomes. This coupled with our solution being built on the ServiceNow platform enables a single-source of truth by automating manual processes, retiring disparate financial management systems and tools, and modernized traceability and auditability.

Key Features

  • Prescriptive out of the box TBM Cost Modeling
  • Seamless integration with your ServiceNow data and ability to import data outside of the platform (it is not required to have other ServiceNow modules to get started)
  • Unit cost calculations created with ease
  • Streamline setup to tailor your allocations and mappings
  • Applies Public Sector accounting practices

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