System generated invoices are an easy way to add a professional look and feel to your organizations showback or chargeback communications. Time and again, proper invoices have demonstrated the ability to effectively communicate costs to consumers, differentiate service cost drivers like consumption based services from indirect or overhead costs, and provide an easily understood documentation for use with showback or chargeback discussions.

Built to leverage native ServiceNow functionality, maintenance and upkeep requires minimal effort. Adaptive configuration processes ensure any organizations invoices look professional but also reflect the brand and image of the company. Invoices can be generated on various time schedules depending on the services. This includes monthly, quarterly, and annual invoicing. Organizations who have moved to automated invoicing on Proven Optics Applications save time, reduce errors, improve analysis, and often time find savings opportunities by more clearly articulating consumer driven costs.

Modernize and automate invoicing with the Proven Optics Application. Scalable for use across the entire Enterprise!

Key Features

  • Automate invoice generation and distribution
  • Invoice monthly, quarterly, or annually (Export to PDF available OOTB)
  • Invoice based on budget, actuals, or rates and consumption
  • Set rates independent from unit costs
  • Modify the invoice template to reflect your organization and brand
  • Add tax and other recovered expenses and comments to invoices
  • For full chargeback, automatically generate a file to upload to your ERP system that matches the invoice for intercompany settlement or cross agency settlement
  • Rates calculated by the Proven Optics Cost Model Applications can be used by the Invoicing Application
  • Create customer specific dashboards for even greater detail on service invoices

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