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Unleashing ITFM Value: Proven Optics on the ServiceNow Platform

June 27, 2024 | 2 minute read
Proven Optics

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Proven Optics

Harnessing Seamless Integration for Enhanced ITFM Insights

For business leaders, the ability to consolidate and analyze IT financial data across the organization is invaluable. Proven Optics not only simplifies this process but also enhances the accuracy and relevance of insights derived. This capability enables organizations to make informed decisions swiftly, optimize resource allocation, and drive operational efficiency. 

At the core of Proven Optics’ capabilities lies its seamless integration with the ServiceNow platform. This interconnectedness allows users to harness vast datasets, translating them into actionable insights for business leaders, in real-time.  

Empowering Customization with Low Code/No Code Development 

Proven Optics applications are low code/no code, allowing organizations to tailor, tweak, and configure Proven Optics applications with ease, all while maintaining compatibility with future upgrades of the ServiceNow platform. 

The flexibility offered by this approach allows businesses to adapt the base Proven Optics product to their specific use cases effortlessly. Whether modifying workflows, configuring interfaces, or implementing custom functionalities, organizations can ensure that the application aligns perfectly with their unique operational requirements. This personalized approach enhances user experience and fosters greater adoption and satisfaction among stakeholders. 

IT Financial Management (ITFM) Cost Modeling 

Proven Optics enables organizations to achieve comprehensive cost transparency across IT products and services. By integrating with ServiceNow, businesses can accurately track and attribute costs, facilitating showback to the business units. This capability empowers IT leaders to make data-driven decisions and optimize resource allocation effectively. 

Cloud Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) & Chargeback 

With Proven Optics on ServiceNow, organizations gain full visibility into cloud TCO, linking costs directly to applications and services. This transparency allows for scenario comparisons between private and public cloud options, enabling informed decisions and effective cost-management strategies during cloud transitions. 

Budget & Forecast Automation 

Proven Optics facilitates seamless budgeting, actuals management, and forecasting directly on the ServiceNow platform. By leveraging integrated data and automation capabilities, organizations can streamline financial processes, ensure alignment across departments, and enhance fiscal agility in response to market dynamics. 

Chargeback / Fee-for-Service 

Organizations can leverage Proven Optics to implement chargeback mechanisms, accurately invoicing and recovering costs for services delivered to business or mission areas. This not only enhances financial accountability but also improves cost recovery efficiency, supporting sustainable service delivery models within the organization. 

Transforming Business Operations with Proven Optics 

For businesses aiming to optimize IT financial management, enhance cost transparency, and streamline operational efficiency, Proven Optics apps harness seamless integration and robust customization capabilities. 

Discover how Proven Optics applications can give you the full picture of your IT financials today. 

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