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ITFM / TBM Vision Action Board

April 9, 2020 | 1 minute read
Proven Optics

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Proven Optics

Every day, and especially during COVID-19, our brains can be bombarded with far too much information. A Visual “Action Board” can help prime the brain to grasp opportunities that’ll help create a desired outcome. Visualization allows someone to harness selective attention and use that in their favor. In a 1998 experiment by Levin and Simons, they hired actors to play a lost passerby on the street who would ask pedestrians for help. When the pedestrians were distracted, the actor playing the lost passerby switched. They found that only 50% of the pedestrians realized they were speaking to a different person after they were distracted because they were too involved in giving directions to notice who they were actually talking to.

IT Financial Management and Technology Business Management attempts to create IT cost transparency and show which investments generate more bottom-line ROI for a company. Similar to a Vision Action Board, an effective ITFM / TBM report includes a relevant dashboard that allows stakeholders to harness selection attention, i.e. the necessary information to make more informed decisions. This can drive impactful business actions. Proven Optics will help narrow your focus by helping you build or enhance an ITFM / TBM practice that drives IT cost transparency and creates strategic IT investment options for better business decisioning for you and your company.  

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