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June 18, 2020 | 2 minute read
Proven Optics

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Proven Optics

Political infighting and organizational chaos can halt the progress of transforming a business through technological strategies. According to a Gartner CIO survey, only 33 percent of 6,000 CIOs described their business as maturing. Irving Tyler, a Gartner analyst who advises CIOs, states “Everybody is heading toward that tipping point because most enterprises haven’t created that cohesive approach.”  

Pure Storage CIO Cathy Southwick noted that when she assumed the role of CIO in November of 2018 she found different departments were pursuing their own individual digital strategies to support customers. To improve IT operations and create a unified digital strategy, she swapped out half of her department leaders and hired new talent with data analytic, cybersecurity, and automation skills. Southwick states, “Without a digital strategy, it’s hard to get a buy-in from the business.” 

Irving Tyler offers advice for CIOs: 

  • Know what you were hired to do: Knowing the reason you were hired is critical when addressing necessary changes within your new role 
  • Establish business relationships first: Recognize the role that politics plays in the company and establish your key allies, include people who will help you work to achieve your digital goals
  • Unify the strategy: With clear coordination and cohesiveness, your business can apply best practices that will facilitate digital change

The CIO plays a critical role in leading the company effectively into the digital space. It’s important that the CIO navigates through the unknown to unify their company goals and facilitate change in the digital environment. Proven Optics can help you develop a cohesive approach and bring transparency to your IT Value Story™. 

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