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Federal CIO Council, ACT-IAC Team on TBM Model

October 15, 2020 | 2 minute read
Proven Optics

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Proven Optics

The Federal CIO Council’s Federal Investment Management Community of Practice and ACT-IAC’s IT Management and Modernization Community of Interest have released an IT spending transparency maturity model in line with the Federal Data Strategy action plan and Technology Business Management (TBM) implementation.

The maturity model tool will guide agencies through adopting TBM methodologies and standards by integrating public and private sector best practices. Additionally, this new method will help agencies measure progress and align teams on IT efforts by turning qualitative activities into quantitative metrics. 

“It’s important for Federal agencies to continuously improve their understanding of their IT portfolios so they can make better investments,” said Daniel York, Director of IT Spending Transparency at the GSA Office of Government-wide Policy. “These two resources are designed to give agencies a more complete picture of the current and future states of their IT portfolios to inform sound, financial decision making,” he states.

When implemented effectively, TBM standardizes IT spend to provide more clarity into investments and business insights. Officials at the FBI and the DHS Customs and Border Protection have praised TBM for improving agency-wide communication and GSA CIO David Shive and Government Accountability Office Director of IT and Cybersecurity Kevin Walsh have even recommended the addition of TBM to the FITARA scorecard. You can read more about the consideration of a TBM addition to the FITARA scorecard in our last blog.

For more insights on the new maturity model tool, click here.

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