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Built on Now – What does it mean?

February 26, 2021 | 2 minute read
Proven Optics

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Proven Optics

The words “native application” won’t be unfamiliar to those in the ServiceNow world, however you might not know that ServiceNow has a dedicated program that allows partners to build native applications on the ServiceNow platform – that program is called Built on Now. Built on Now applications have received ServiceNow’s highest technical certification. The program recognizes partners with proven ServiceNow expertise that creates value for customers across different industries.

Chris Pope, Global VP of Innovation at ServiceNow stated, “There are enormous benefits to customers utilizing the platform capabilities to configure or extend existing applications that ServiceNow provides. In addition to this, customers have an untapped resource available to them in solutions built by our Partner Ecosystem. Here they can find, via the ServiceNow store, some incredible solutions aligned with verticals, industry specific practices, or boutique capabilities. Many of the solutions solve real and specific needs which have been developed in the field during implementations.”

Click here for more information on Built on Now.

The Proven Optics Financial Management Application Suite has met the high standards of the ServiceNow Built on Now Program. Our Application Suite combines the platform native capabilities with over twenty years of Technology Business Management (TBM) practitioner experience to bring a modern approach to financial management. By leveraging native parts of the ServiceNow platform as a part of our solution, we are able to continue to refine what type of management views and decision levers we can offer the leadership teams that we support as customers on the ServiceNow platform. We are redefining financial management and helping customers modernize IT while achieving value. Legacy approaches and point solutions will not provide powerful insights or powerful results, take the next step with Proven Optics and ServiceNow today – The future is here.

Products: You can find The Proven Optics Financial Management Application Suite on the ServiceNow store here.

More information: For more information, check out our latest press release here.

Live event: Join us on March 4th for a live event where we will discuss how Proven Optics has leveraged the ServiceNow platform to build a native flexible, purpose-built, commitment-based Budget Formulation and Execution Application for Federal Agencies. Register here today!