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Top 10 IT Trends of the Last 20 Years

January 5, 2020 | 2 minute read
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So much has changed in IT in the last couple decades. Tech Republic shares some of the top trends in enterprise IT evolution.

1: Big Data – Big data begins at the point your organization’s data grows faster than your IT Department’s ability to properly manage it. Computer department staffers used to leave work on time; now data management is its own specialty field.

2: Browser-first – No more iterative codings with green screens, then DOS, and then Windows PCs. Now, the user experience centers around responsive browsers and mobile applications. This requires more planning for varying user interfaces and potential connectivity interruptions. But it’s easier to learn.

3: Cloud Computing – This is really someone else’s computer storing your applications and data. While it’s cheaper, easier, and more secure than doing that work internally, it could lead to vendor lock-in.

4: Commoditization – In the early 2000’s, IT vendors were focused on selling hardware, but the focus has switched to software.

5: Consumerization – Our world has become user-centric, users want to bring their devices into work and technical workers want to spin up their own server or establish undocumented networks. BYOD (bring your own device) policies are now essential.

6: Device Management – It’s important to keep devices documented, secured, and maintained. Device management has become a big industry that prioritizes new ways to track everything, back up data, roll our over-the-air updates, and keep all of the roaming gadgets safe.

7: DevOps – Now programmers and IT work together instead of separately, leading to applications that function better and run smoother with the rest of the company’s computing systems.

8: Programming Language Proliferation – What used to just be files and libraries are now microservices and API’s tied into cloud services.

9: Security – These days, you don’t have to be an elite hacker to break into software protection and passwords. Chief Security Officer is a very serious job. It’s no longer about preventing being hacked, but keeping all of your systems safe in a world of hacking deluge.

10: Virtualization – Virtualization is “IT” in the 2010’s. Non-critical servers run several operating systems and applications while the software applications think they’re the only ones the server loves. But good luck if the system crashes.

Another top trend is Technology Business Management (TBM). As IT has evolved throughout the years, the need to quantify the ROI of IT investments has also evolved. Companies must be able to build and share their IT Value Story™. Proven Optics partners with companies to build a scalable and maturable TBM process that caters to these changes and helps define that company’s IT Value Story™.

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