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Agility Delivers in the Digital Economy

July 15, 2021 | 2 minute read
Proven Optics

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Proven Optics

Resiliency is defined as the ability to adapt to changing circumstances while still maintaining a central purpose. 

As we overcome the effects of the pandemic last year and approach a full recovery, we can see that many organizations were able to adapt – but there is a difference between organizations that were reflexive and organizations that were agile. Reflexive organizations had a central purpose of surviving the crisis and shifted resources around to keep their heads above water. Agile organizations adapted to the immense change in circumstances and were able to fulfill their primary goals. 

Agile organizations not only yielded positive business results, such as higher profitability, but they also improved measures with long term implications such as employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction. For public sector organizations, this translated into a successful delivery on their mission while ensuring the satisfaction of their employees.

In a recent survey conducted by IDC and sponsored by ServiceNow of nearly 2,000 IT and line of business executives worldwide, results show that genuinely agile companies see much greater success. A model was created as part of the research that measured agility maturity built around 5 dimensions – leadership, structure, portfolio, process, and architecture. While only 15% of these organizations considered themselves “extremely agile,” those that did reported better financial results, higher employee retention, better time-to-market, and consistent customer loyalty.

Overall, organizations in reflexive mode will have to spend time managing technical debt created to help survive the crisis, while organizations in agile mode are able to focus on workflows that ensure high service levels from the IT infrastructure, better security, more engaged employees, and happier customers.

Read the full Infobrief here for the full detailed analysis.

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