Proven Optics ServiceNow Developer Role

Proven Optics develops and delivers a set of proprietary applications built on the ServiceNow platform that are available to customers via the ServiceNow Store. The developer’s primary role is to help customers download, install, and set up the applications in the customer’s ServiceNow instance.

Job Description & Experience

ServiceNow developers applying for this role do not need experience with Proven Optics’ ServiceNow applications. Our most successful developers have 1-5 years of experience working on the ServiceNow platform across PPM, SLM, SAM, HAM, ITBM, SPM, CMDB, and similar modules. Typically experience with two or more modules is beneficial as it exposes candidates to variations of the ServiceNow platform.

Developers with experience creating workflows, creating Performance Analytics Dashboards, extending global or application tables, setting up and expanding Access Control Levels (groups and roles), and generating transform maps will find it easier to transition working with Proven Optics applications as these skills are used on every installation.

Scripting experience on the ServiceNow platform is highly desirable. Our applications do not require scripting to deploy. However, customers frequently ask for automations and “UI buttons” to help round out their implementation and further reduce manual efforts. Scripting experience will enable a developer to work with our product team to create and deploy customer specific “mini scripts” that further enhance the customer experience.

Proven Optics is happy to train developers on our application installation and setup process. Successful developers are naturally curious about the ServiceNow platform, how various elements of the platform integrate and operate, and how to better leverage the platform capabilities to enhance customer experience with Proven Optics applications.

Interested in joining our team? For more information or if you are interested in applying for this role, please email