Power of Platform

Unlike stand alone point solutions that only tackle a single and specific problem, a platform (like ServiceNow) offers a foundation that can address multiple organizational business challenges rapidly and at scale

ServiceNow Platform Benefits

  • Built on Now Applications are fully incorporated into ServiceNow and share all platform data with approval
  • Low code / no code platforms allow customers to extend delivered functionality without complex, expensive development
  • There are a base set of platform capabilities, like notifications and access controls, that can be used across multiple modules but don’t require their own capability to be built
  • Rapid development

  • Platform resources are widely available across the world

  • Flexible data model allows customers to tailor an application to their use case without impacting existing functionality or future upgrades

  • Getting external data sets from financial systems and infrastructure tools can be done through data loads or integrations

Core Platform Capabilities

  • Workflow Approvals
  • Data Integrations
  • Self-Service Dashboard Builder
  • Encryption and Access Controls
  • Form Designer
  • Business Rules
  • User Interface Policies and Actions
  • Notifications

“We’re seeing the end of an era. The idea of pre-packaged software of the 20th century is coming to a close…Digital is the only way forward. Digital transformation is not only a matter of survival, it’s the only way to run a company because you can’t provide a customer with a Michelin 3-star experience unless you digitize your own operations and enable your employees. You have to make the enterprise as easy to work with as DoorDash delivering food to your house. Things are changing fast – Digital transformation is the only way.”

Bill McDermott

CEO, ServiceNow

What Customers Are Saying

“I’ve seen organizations say that 35% to 40% of their time is freed up now because of this solution. When it comes to creating budgets, it’s not as time consuming.”

“The dashboards are really helpful to improve decision making and drive lower IT costs across the organization, which is hard to do without a clear sense of where the IT spend currently stands.”

“You have data flowing from ServiceNow into financial management that gives you a better visibility across the different assets that are within the organization. That populates things much more fluidly, efficiently, and quickly.”

The Proven Optics Financial Management Application Suite

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