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What is a Citizen Developer?

July 29, 2021 | 2 minute read
Proven Optics

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Proven Optics

Digital transformation is often a team effort, but according to PMI, 86% of IT decision makers reported that the biggest challenge they face when trying to digitally transform their business is a lack of software developers. That is where Citizen Development comes in.

With no code/low code platforms, non-technical resources can build applications without having any software expertise. They can create workflows, business rules, and functionality by using a graphical interface, sometimes without writing a single line of code. They can also build these applications faster and for a fraction of the cost. However – Citizen Developers still need to know how to operate within that system and there must also be an effective system in place to oversee the environment, mitigate any risk, and unlock the full potential of Citizen Development. 

The Proven Optics Financial Management Applications are Built on Now, meaning we leverage native parts of the ServiceNow platform as part of our applications. Being part of the ServiceNow platform, our applications inherit the same no code/low code extensibility as the core platform which allows clients to tailor our applications to their specific use cases, rapidly at scale.

The benefits of this platform include:

1: Scalability – Users no longer need an extensive technical background to develop various features and functions. This leads to an increased bench of resources who can build new functionality – even resources outside of IT!

2: Speed – Users are able to accelerate the delivery of new features and functionalities because the barrier to entry for innovation has been lowered.

3: Productivity – No code/low code development bridges the gap between IT and business teams which allows an increased focus on solving real issues that impact the company.

4: Rapid Iteration – The needs of the business are constantly evolving. No code/low code development platforms, like ServiceNow, can provide resources and tools that will help efficiently iterate and edit existing processes.

5: Agility – Businesses can stay ahead of consumer demands and market trends because of the extensibility of no code/low code platforms.

6: Lower Run Costs – No code/low code development reduces the burden of software maintenance. Since the platform components are standardized, the amount of integration issues will drastically decrease. 

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