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One Way to Reduce Inconvenience and Cost of Managing IT

April 21, 2020 | 1 minute read
Proven Optics

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Proven Optics

During his time as Chief Technology Officer of VCE, Steven Chambers noticed businesses were investing a significant amount of time, effort, and money into a virtualization stack. This included buying computers, storage, and networking separately and then trying to bring it all together themselves. Chambers introduced hyperconvergence to the industry in 2012, which would save time for companies while also helping them make more money. With hyperconvergence, everything is purchased at once. This saves the time and effort it would take to combine everything. 

IT teams are consistently looking for ways to simplify their infrastructure to save both money and time. Hyperconverged products can be a critical resource to simplify certain processes, allowing companies to focus on other areas needing attention. Scott Lowe, CEO of ActualTech Media, states “One of the primary goals of hyperconvergence is to eliminate the need for separate storage resources. We’re putting that storage into the server container and managing that as a single device rather than multiple devices that we have to go through and connect together. It eliminates a lot of complexity and cost in the data center environment.”  

It’s important to look at solutions holistically, solutions that will meet your needs while also being scalable.  Proven Optics can help you implement efficient methods that will build or enhance an ITFM / TBM practice that drives IT cost transparency and creates strategic IT investment options for better business decisioning.  

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