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IT Modernization Mistakes to Avoid

February 27, 2020 | 2 minute read
Proven Optics

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Proven Optics

Modernizing IT and executing a successful digital transformation is more than replacing old technology with new technology. It takes strategic planning that considers more than just technical capabilities. According to Gartner Senior Research Director Thomas Klinect, “When it comes to modernization, CIOs have to do it with the right reasons in mind. You can’t just say ‘I’ve got old stuff to replace.’” According to transformational leaders and experts, here are some of the top IT modernization mistakes (and potential fixes):

  1. Viewing modernization as all-encompassing – Transformation is more than tackling legacy debt. It requires developing business strategies and transforming processes that will bring value to your organization. Proven Optics works with clients to build a TBM methodology that delivers value to the company and helps them meet their identified objectives.
  2. Putting modernization first and transformation second – Rather than thinking of step one: modernization and step two: transformation, think of them as intertwined. Digital transformation consulting firm Transformant President, Tony Saldanha, states “That was a valid approach 10 or 15 years ago when the role of CIO was mostly to scale and standardize; now it’s about scale and agility and growth all at the same time.” It’s important to consider a holistic approach built on technology and business operational realities.
  3. Taking a lift and shift approach – Modernization efforts won’t deliver good returns when the focus is solely on the technology itself and not the processes that underlie that technology. Proven Optics aids organizations in developing a nuanced business-focused TBM strategy that helps deliver a positive ROI on technology investments.
  4. Chasing shiny objects – While adopting and implementing the newest technologies will modernize your infrastructure, it may not deliver the most value to your company. It’s important to evaluate the needs of your business before chasing the latest innovations. A Strategic Capability Build roadmap will help drive tactical and business value.

Proven Optics can help you modernize your business without sacrificing the value. Using an industry-standard design adapted to meet your specific needs, Proven Optics builds a rightsized practical and scalable IT Financial Management practice tailored to your targeted needs and end goal. Get the most out of your modernization.

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