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Biden Proposes Boost in Federal IT Budget

May 19, 2022 | 1 minute read
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Proven Optics

In fiscal year 2023, the White House is looking to increase Federal IT spending by 11% in addition to the nearly $11 billion proposed to bolster Federal cybersecurity. President Biden’s 2023 budget proposal, released in late March, requests $65.8 billion for civilian IT spending, a significant increase in comparison to the current fiscal year which is projected to be $58.4 billion. This large increase in civilian IT spending corresponds with the Administration’s top priority of enhancing and modernizing Federal cybersecurity.

Biden’s 2021 cybersecurity executive order and the Office of Management and Budget’s corresponding strategy on moving agencies to zero trust has gone largely unfunded. The White House says this latest budget proposal shows the Administration’s commitment to ensuring these requirements are implemented across the Federal government.

In addition to prioritized cybersecurity efforts, the $65.8 billion budget would also continue to support the push for Federal IT modernization, including a requested $300 million for the Technology Modernization fund. 

Check out the full article from FedScoop here.

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