John Morhous, who spent more than a decade in IT at Flight Central Travel Group and has held several different tech-related titles, has put a new spin on the trajectory for top IT execs. He’s now the first Chief Experience Officer (CxO) at FCTG delivering customer-facing products and services for the travel agency’s corporate brands. He credits his commercial orientation, ability to immerse comfortably with customers, and serve as a translator between IT, business, and clients as the springboard for this new position. John notes, “Today, it’s less about the guts of how technology operates and more about what business capabilities your customers and company need. Some CIOs can make the transition well to focus on experience while others will struggle.” 

CxO has joined the C-suite table with the increasing emphasis on customer experience as a competitive differentiator. Gartner calls customer service the new battlefield: 80% of companies expect to compete primarily on customer service and experience. CxOs must be able to work across multiple disciplines and have a keen understanding of the buyer’s journey and customer lifecycle. They should be comfortable with customer engagement and placing the customer’s needs and desires above all else. 

This new title in the executive suite is affirmation that customer experience is critical within the digital space. The CxO role is an important factor in differentiating yourself from your competitors. Proven Optics understands that the right technology investments are foundational for customer experiences. A scalable and maturable ITFM/TBM practice provides Value Insights® to enable the CxO and other business leaders to make better business decisions.  

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