Many organizations today struggle with financial management. They’re still using legacy, homegrown systems or even spreadsheets to manage their budget, service costing, and other financial management functions. For many organizations, this process is too long, error prone, and not scalable as the organization continues to digitally transform. This is leading IT customers, as well as non-IT customers, to look for cutting edge solutions on industry grade cloud platforms, like ServiceNow.

The Proven Optics Financial Management Application Suite powered by ServiceNow is not just built specifically for IT. These solutions can be used across the organization to modernize and automate financial management capabilities like shared service costing and charge back, budgeting and forecasting, and cost recovery. These different use cases are not unique to any one specific industry vertical, but are very applicable across the entirety of most organizations. The question you need to ask yourself is… Are you ready to radically modernize your financial management capabilities?

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