ITFM Cost Modeling

The Proven Optics ITFM Cost Modeling Application built on the ServiceNow platform provides a prescriptive, out-of-the-box costing solution based on years of practitioner experience. The Application automates data management, expense driver alignment, and cost allocation to enable IT leaders to make better business decisions. Our ServiceNow platform-based solution offers a multitude of integration points to better manage existing and new data sets. 

The Proven Optics underlying ITFM philosophy is based on our Blueprint for Success. The Blueprint recognized that successful ITFM implementations include more than just a cost model. When implementing our Application, we focus on ensuring the outcomes of the solution enable the organization to use and decision the output of the model. ServiceNow is a platform that inherently has a lot of data available for use by other modules on the platform. Consistent common data improves the functionality of the platform, reduces the number of configurations required, keeps data sets in sync, and enables monthly allocation automation.

Key Features

  • Service-based, out of the box prescriptive Cost Modeling Engine for Commercial Customers
  • Seamless integration with your ServiceNow data 
  • Unit cost calculations created with ease
  • Streamlined setup to configure your allocations and mappings 
  • Ability to map to components and services
  • Includes actuals and budget cost models
  • Ability to import allocations

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