Low code application development has risen to prominence throughout the pandemic as organizations – big and small – seek to do more. As time goes on, the demand only continues to grow for low-code application development. 

Jason Wong, Distinguished VP Analyst at Gartner, explains that the trend is reflective of what organizations are expecting. “Customers are investing in low-code application platforms now for more important applications, not just smaller applications, but business unit applications, enterprise applications and, in some cases, applications that are serving the needs of customers and partners,” Wong told ITPro today

These low-code application platforms are also serving the needs of teams within the enterprise that include both business people and professional developers working in collaboration. As the new hybrid world of work becomes a reality for most organizations, the use cases for low-code applications are dramatically expanding to continue meeting growing business demands. “The fact of the matter is that there simply aren’t enough technical developer resources out there to create the software experiences needed,” said Josh Kahn, Senior Vice President of Creator Workflow Products at ServiceNow, “The use cases we are seeing with low-code this year are becoming more complex and mission-critical in nature.”

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