21 year old Madison Davalle, a Global Communications intern at ServiceNow, understands the value of application development. In high school, she created a babysitting application using a hired developer since she had no coding experience. She had innovative ideas, but always assumed application development was out of her wheelhouse. 

However, Madison was able to utilize ServiceNow’s low code tools to build an entirely new business application – automating the tedious process of press release approval. She built the application as part of ServiceNow’s Citizen Developer program, using their App Engine Studio. 

A low code platform allows non-technical resources to create workflows, business rules, and functionality by using a graphical interface, sometimes without writing a single line of code. This interface is natively part of the ServiceNow platform.

“What companies are really trying to do is empower people to solve their own problems,” said Marcus Torres, ServiceNow’s GM of IntegrationHub and VP of Platform Product. By the end of this year, Forrester Research predicts, 75% of development shops will use low code platforms. As Gen Z enters the workforce, these platforms give them the opportunity to leverage their deep understanding of digital tools. 

Hundreds of ServiceNow employees are currently in the Citizen Developer program. The program has best practices in place to ensure the applications meet professional standards and align with business goals. 

“We’ll have an out-of-the-box citizen developer program based on all of our best practices that we’ve learned as a company, but also that our customers have told us about,” said Torres. The rules we’ve put in place have allowed people to keep developing and keep innovating. Sometimes they can hit a guardrail, but it keeps them on track.”

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