Technology Business Management (“TBM”) is an emerging priority for federal CIOs who want to effectively show transparency into their IT spend and communicate the value they deliver to the business. Historically, traditional asset and expense management techniques have been used to manage IT costs, but have proven inadequate in explaining, quantifying, and predicting them. With agencies continuing to ask what value they’re getting for their technology investments, IT leaders are presented with a new challenge of how to tie their IT strategy, financial posture, and business strategy into actionable decision levers.

Questions facing IT leadership

How can I operationalize a TBM capability?

How do I generate and explain my rates for IT Services?

How should I communicate my budget needs to grow next year?

What data sets do I need to get started?

Our Solution

The Proven Optics Federal TBM Budget Solution utilizes the native ServiceNow platform and is integrated with the ServiceNow Financial Modeling engine. The solution can be integrated with the general ledger system, procurement applications like PRISM, or other relevant agency applications to ingest financial data and provide a decisionable budget formulation and execution solution built on the TBM framework. This provides high value decisioning that helps agency leaders understand the true value they are getting from IT.


How To Get Started

Getting started on a TBM journey is as simple as needing to understand what decisions IT must support or enable the agency to make. This is known as “decisioning”–the most important and often overlooked element of the overall TBM practice. A mature TBM capability enables high-value decisioning that helps business leaders understand the true value they are getting from IT. By starting with the end in mind, TBM leaders ensure that every effort is geared toward the final desired outcome. Early on, it’s as simple as asking what exactly IT costs.


Time To Value

Standing up a viable and mature TBM capability typically requires organizations to heavily invest in a set of practices that typically involves a multi-year effort to achieve value. The Proven Optics data-driven approach and standard federal TBM framework enable capabilities like meeting the TBM mandate, enabling better business decisions through interactive performance analytics dashboards, and a budget formulation & execution practice in just 90 days.