Enterprise Budgeting & Forecasting

Creating, updating, and managing budgets and forecasts has never been easier. Our solution allows organizations to create budgets, capture forecasts, and evaluate variances to actual spend through simple interfaces, sophisticated workflows, and automated processes. Complimenting dashboards make sharing budget and forecast details and changes quicker. Dashboard drilldowns ensure confidence in the output and support faster analysis of change and variance drivers. 

Key Features

  • Automate and streamline budget data capture 
  • Incorporate tiered, automated approval workflows 
  • Adaptive budgeting and forecasting configurations 
  • Import budget line items 
  • Import actual spend 
  • Report through tailored dashboards 
  • Link posted spend to budget and forecasts 
  • Track changes and modifications to budget  
  • Track budget iterations until final approval  
  • Leverage current year budgets to create future year budgets 

Built to leverage native ServiceNow functionality, maintenance and upkeep require minimal effort. Adaptive configuration processes ensure any organization’s budget and forecast process can be accommodated efficiently within the Application. Organizations who have moved to budgeting and forecasting on Proven Optics Applications save time, reduce errors, improve analysis, and often time find savings opportunities previously hidden in their budgets and forecasts. 

Modernize and automate budgeting and forecasting with the Proven Optics Application. Scalable for use across the entire Enterprise!  

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