Results and Implications for CIOs

Mark Raskino is a VP Analyst who works on the Gartner CEO and Digital Business Leadership team. He works primarily with CIOs and their business executive colleagues. His research includes Gartner’s annual CEO survey and CIO resolutions.

Three CIO Actions to Assist the CEO

1: Prolonging the growth of revenue streams by extending and scaling digital diversification
Focus on the digital space can increase and sustain your company’s revenue streams. Evolving digital management, growing paid digital services, and monetizing activity data are effective ways to put this into action.

2: Exploit geographic business shifts to drive digital transformation faster
A successful digital transformation can increase company ROI, raise business productivity, and reduce costs. Identifying opportunistic geographic business shifts can get you a headstart on your company’s transformation. Put this into action by avoiding competing against relocations, integrating digital initiatives, and exploiting the PR uplift.

3: Assist in defining and driving business model change
Assess your business model and make the necessary changes to create substantial results. Avoid definition semantics when defining your business model; compare and factor different perspectives for a more robust and strategic model. Resolve any differences and fill any open gaps.

Digital initiatives can prove to enhance your business. Proven Optics can help provide guide rails towards success and help quantify ROI to your company with a Technology Business Management (TBM) practice. An effective practice creates an IT Value Story™ that creates ROI transparency which ultimately leads to better business decisioning.

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