Capital Budgeting 

The Proven Optics Capital Budgeting application delivers streamlined automation of your capital planning process through easy-to-use, integrated capital submission requests, capital governance and oversight, capital allocation, and capital project tracking.

Streamline capital planning, tracking, and execution in an easy to use, but powerful application!

Automate the alignment of capital expenditures to capital projects and budgets to know exactly where you are in your capital spending. Automate and track project accruals to ensure accurate and timely forecasts to improve portfolio management. Redirect underspent funds to new projects or recapture them if needed.  Simple, easy, fast, and integrated, the Proven Optics Capital Budgeting application is an optimal solution!

Key Features

  • Align actuals to individual projects
  • Forecast accruals
  • Allocate funding from capital budgets to portfolios to project
  • Reclaim, repurpose, or reallocate funds from under spending projects
  • Adjust approval and review workflows to meet your unique company governance requirements

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